American Airlines Elbow bumpers
American Airlines Elbow bumpers
American Airlines Elbow bumpers

American Airlines – Maintenance Stand Coverage

Our very satisfied customer reached out to us saying they had a maintenance stand that had a corner that was causing potential damage to aircraft. Our standard elbow bumper would not work because the radius in the corner was different and there was a safety chain mid span that prevented an accurate fit. We worked with their Maintenance Supervisor, who sent a sample rail for us to work from. We created specific tooling for a perfect fit radius and to accommodate the safety chain. The project was approved and is now instituted throughout the company.

Delta Airlines – Belt Loader Kit

We were approached by our regular contact at Delta SeaTac to help them solve a recurring problem with a retractable railing on their belt loader equipment. When the railing was in the up position, it was causing damage to the aircraft during baggage loading. We met with the customer to review the problem, take measurements, get photos, and gather additional information. We came back and worked with our team to create test samples for trial and approval. After going through a couple of iterations, we were approved to create tooling and start production. Currently our Belt Loader Kit systems are in use, protecting aircraft, and keeping airplanes in the air!

Mantec safety bumpers
Mantec safety bumpers

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