Industry leader dedicated to providing high quality
and exceptional service - Every time.


Industry leader dedicated to providing high quality
and exceptional service - Every time.


High quality and
exceptional service

At Mantec Services, Inc., we take pride in being an experienced contract manufacturer that provides its customers with industry-leading safety bumper guards and protection products. We also offer extensive engineering expertise and a comprehensive range of single-source project management solutions for custom molded rigid foam with composite skins and casting of rigid, soft, and syntactic foams. If you’re looking for a partner that can help meet the demands of the complex challenges your business faces on a daily basis, then Mantec is the right choice as your safety and manufacturing solutions provider.

Safety Bumpers and
Bumper Guards

Protect Your Investment and Your Employees With Industry Leading Mantec Safety Bumpers

At Mantec, our proprietary safety bumpers are manufactured using the best materials available to meet the specified application versus traditional foam safety bumpers, metal bumper guards, rubber bumper guards, cage bumpers, rail bumpers, and other available solutions. Our safety bumpers typically consist of a molded self-skinning polyurethane foam with an added-in mold coating, or a cross-linked polyethylene/EVA foam with an exceptionally durable polyurea topcoat. Other foams and materials are available as needed on a case-by-case basis.

Our safety bumpers are designed to protect high-value equipment such as aircraft, ladders, lifts, work stations, conveyors, machinery, and GSE vehicles. Avoid Ramp Rash and thousands of dollars in damages with judicious placement of Mantec bumpers! Our custom airplane safety bumpers also provide additional protection to operators, technicians, and ground personnel so that the health and safety of your workforce remains a top priority.

Mantec custom foam bumper guards are easy to install, easy to keep clean, and can be customized to fit your specific requirements. We offer kits for well-known equipment and individual pieces as needed. Our foam safety bumpers are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as for high impact applications. Protect Your Investment Today by clicking here to learn more about what Mantec custom safety bumpers can do for your business.

OEMs are encouraged to contact us for special needs and long term support!

Custom Molded
& Fabricated Foam

An Industry Leader in the Design, Production, and Assembly of Custom Molded Foam

With over 30 years of experience, Mantec ranks as an industry leader in the molding of polyurethane foams. We have developed multiple patents in the fields of material formulation, product design, and assembly, with thousands of custom-molded cushions currently in service within a variety of industries.

These methods enable us to produce a comprehensive range of cushioning, sealing, and structural products. Mantec also features a full-service manufacturing facility that provides us with the flexibility needed to create our own patterns, molds, and fixtures to assure our customers that every job is completed quickly and cost-effectively. Get the right product to meet your custom needs by contacting Mantec today!

  • Casting
  • Fabricating
  • Vacuum forming
  • Compression molding

Contract Manufacturing

An Industry Leader in Serving Local and National Industries as well as Federal Government Agencies.

For over 30 years, Mantec has offered a single source contact point for seamless procurement and project management. Mantec ranks as an industry leader in serving various industry and government agencies, both local and national, with engineering, project management, and build to print expertise.

Our dedicated and professional staff excels at working synergistically with all customers to accomplish most any manufacturing project. We pride ourselves on our ability to:

  • Meet the demands of even the most complex challenges
  • Quickly provide innovative solutions to solve our customers' problems
  • Mitigate risks that could potentially undermine or complicate a project's completion

We understand that quality and deadlines are extremely important to any project, and you can rest assured that our experienced and dependable team will help you achieve all your project goals on time and within budget.


At Mantec Services, we are dedicated to staying current on the latest safety and manufacturing procedures. We are honored to be involved with many professional groups and organizations who share and support this vision.

ISO Certification

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