Prevent Injury and Damage

A perfect complement to our line of Mantec Safety Bumpers offers ideal padding for use in warehouse, industrial, or construction settings to prevent employee injury and to protect valuable equipment and machinery. We offer Mantec Safety Bumpers in a wide variety of shapes and for use in a multitude of different functions that include warehouse shelving, forklifts, conveyor stands, parking garages, and any place where employees and equipment need protection.

Better Protection Creates a Safer Workplace

Mantec Services Safety bumpers are made from recyclable polyurethane foam *most are are usable in both indoor and outdoor settings. We invite you to take a look at our full line of  Safety Bumpers:



Available in all types, this yellow foam is usable in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Steel Mounting Supported

For indoor or outdoor use, these larger safety foam guards have an inner steel mounting support to directly drill-mount into concrete or other hard surfaces.


Photoluminescent Black

For indoor use only, this black foam also produces a soft yellow light during the day and a highly visible yellow glow at night.


Fluorescent + Photoluminescent Black

For indoor use, this safety foam guard is striped with highly visible fluorescent neon yellow that glows-in-the-dark at night.



A white foam that features a white surface makes an ideal choice for use in hospitals, doctors’ offices, laboratories, and other areas where the guard can easily blend in with walls and other existing structures.



For both outdoor and indoor use, this black foam features red/silver surfaces that reflect light.



For indoor and outdoor use, the strong magnetic backing stays on magnetic-compatible surfaces but can be removed and repositioned as needed.


Protective Corners

These self-adhesive foam corners match up with certain types of safety foam guards for a full protected fit, or to use by themselves to cover sharp corners.


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