Introducing Mantec’s New Magnetic Custom Safety Bumper

Mantec magnetic bumper

At Mantec Services, Inc., our custom safety bumper helps enable our customers to better protect their investment in equipment by reducing avoidable damage. Our bumpers also help to reduce the injury risk for their team of employees, making your business a safer, more productive workplace.

No matter what your industry, reducing unnecessary damage that occurs to valuable equipment as part of daily operation offers the potential for incredible savings. Our custom safety bumpers work to significantly reduce the damage that occurs to equipment as a result of ramp rash or collision.

Not only does this make our custom safety bumpers an ideal choice for protecting your business’ assets, they also provide additional security when working with rented equipment. Don’t incur the cost of having to replace or repair rented equipment, and always feel confident that you’ll recoup any security deposits by having Mantec’s custom safety bumpers in place where they’re needed most.

So that our customers can better protect the health of their employees and the state of their equipment, we proudly announce the release of our new Magnetic Safety Bumper.

A Fresh Take on a Classic Design

Considering the incredible success of our custom safety bumpers, our development team at Mantec worked off the original design when creating our new magnetic bumpers. Our new line of magnetic custom safety bumpers was designed to help better protect your workforce and reduce equipment damage.

Our new bumpers feature a number of improvements that include:

  • Easy installation and relocation. Unlike other models of foam safety bumpers that requires screws and attachments to equip, our magnetic bumpers easily attach to any metal surface. The powerful magnets used in our bumpers ensure they stay in position, but can still be quickly removed or repositioned. This enables you to easily move the bumpers between equipment, so you always have protection where you need it the most.
  • Durable urea coating. A durable urea coating covers our new magnetic safety bumpers to help prevent sun damage from taking a toll. Not only does this durable coating help to ward off the sun’s rays, it also strengthens the foam for improved damage prevention.
  • Waterproof. Using a waterproof closed-cell foam, we have developed a safety bumper that can better withstand the elements. Combined with the durable urea coating, our new magnetic bumpers are the perfect tool to use rain or shine.
  • Variable lengths to match your needs. At Mantec, we excel at meeting the custom needs of our customers. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it to meet the conditions of the most demanding industries. That’s why we designed our magnetic bumpers to come in a variety of sizes. From 24” to 60”, we can custom create a bumper to meet the exact size and standards your business needs.
  • Meeting the needs of your industry. Meeting the demands of a variety of industries requires creating a product that can handle a variety of jobs. We designed our magnetic safety bumpers for use in aviation, warehouse, marine, manufacturing and traffic industries.

Contact Mantec Today to Learn More About Our Custom Safety Bumper

If you’re ready to see what Mantec can do to help improve worker safety and protect your investment in equipment, give us a call. A member of our sales team will be happy to discuss the full range of our newly available custom magnetic safety bumpers.

Don’t risk the health and safety of your business because you didn’t bother to take the necessary precautions. Get the protection your business needs by contacting Mantec today!