Big Safety Products and Earth Friendly Ideals Unite

safety bumper


At Manufacturing Technologies, or Mantec Services, we provide unique, cutting edge solutions for safety bumper foam railings and equipment protection. We strive to be the leader in safety solutions for keeping businesses and their employees safe and working hard. We are a contract manufacturing company that uses the best equipment, technology and practices to help make Safety Bumpers.

Our customers use our products across a diverse range of applications from railings, like elbow corners, to end caps, ladder corners and even straight railing fittings for businesses in a variety of industries that include aerospace, government, gas and oil, transportation and even health care.

Mantec Services’ products are expertly manufactured through our supply chain partners in electronic, metal fabrication, casting and composite industries.

Making Eco-Friendly and Going Green a Solid Brand Name

Mantec Services goes to great lengths in designing and manufacturing products that provide the most value possible to our customers, including:

  • Eco-friendly and environmentally safe materials such as self-skinning polyurethane foam which is specially coated to keep out moisture.
  • Our foam bumper fittings will give our customers the best in quality choices for protection against UV rays and discoloration.
  • Industry-leading expertise for improved strength against tears and water resistance.
  • Easy to install, with solid resistance to chemicals and solvent exposure.

Keeping it Local and Proud of it

The foam we use at Mantec Services is all manufactured right here at home in the U.S. We also work regularly with other materials like polyerua coatings and various other types of rubber and elastomer products. Our custom made bumpers and kits are the best way to keep your employees operating at the safest level, since the bumpers are also proven to stand up against inclement weather like the sun and its intense heat, the cold and the harshness of dirt, wind and the rain here in the Northwest.

Many of our direct competitors outsource their work to other countries, and are not always up front about the materials they use. Mantec Services cares about where our products are made and what is used to make them, strictly following clearly standardized earth friendly materials and resources.

Custom Quality all the Way

Mantec also makes foam railing fitting kits and replacement parts for industry lifts retrofitted with indoor and outdoor use too. Many of our products are standard industry size, which can be provided to you using our high quality kits, or we can custom manufacture whatever you need for your business.

We have been making customers happy for more than thirty years, paving the way as the industry leader for manufactured foam rail fitting products. We bring our “A” game to everything we do, and with any challenge we might face.

Mantec Services is known locally and nationally for our experience in everything from project management to engineering. A few large companies that seek our manufacturing services and product design help include American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

Both of these very well known airlines approached us for solutions to their problems with maintenance stands causing damage to the aircraft and the retractable railings on the belt loader. Since damage to the aircraft occurred during the baggage loading process, we designed and manufactured customized solutions, fixing both of the airlines most common source of incidental airplane damage.

Mantec Services is your five star solution to any and all safety rail problems, providing our clients with design, engineering and manufacturing services for custom molded foam and foam safety bumpers.