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Precision Electrical Assembly of Submersible Cables

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Precision Electrical Assembly of Submersible Cables
Precision Electrical Assembly of Submersible Cables

The cable shown here was designed for use in a critical underwater application. Each assembly had to meet various standards and Mil-specs. Each cable assembly had to be in compliance with ANSI standard STD/J-STD-001E; IPC-A-610. This standard prescribes practices and requirements for the manufacture of soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. In addition, compliance with IPC-WHMA-A-620, which is a standard for cable and wire harness assembly, was used during manufacturing.

Prior to the required soldering and potting, the material was specially prepared to ensure good adhesion. During the soldering and potting, special attention was required to ensure that insulation shrinkage was minimal and gold embrittlement eliminated. The 23-1/4" cable assemblies also required detailed testing to meet Mil-spec MIL-STD-202, which included hydro pressure tank testing, with 1200 lbs. of water pressure, @1000 volts, with less than .5 mA current leakage. For more information on this precision electrical assembly project, see the table below.

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Highlights of this Precision Electrical Assembly Project

Product Description: W702 SKEG Cables
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Inspection throughout assembly process
Overall Part Dimensions: 23 1/4"
Tightest Tolerances +/- 5 degrees of horizontal plane, pressure tested with 1200 lbs. of water pressure, @1000 volts with less than .5 mA leakage current
Industry for Use Navy -Government
Standards Met Customer specifications - Mil-STD-202 class II standards ANSI standard J standard OOIE, DC Resistance (continuity), Dielectric strength-MIL STD 202 Method 302, Insulin Resistance MIL STD 302, method 302

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