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Elastomer & Foam Molding Services

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Deployment Retainer
Deployment Retainer
  Propeller Baffle
Propeller Baffle
  Stainless Steel Door Stop with Urethane Elastomer
Flexible Polyurethane Foam Strip
  Stabilizing Fin
Stabilizing Fin

Mantec Services Inc., has been involved in molding polyurethane foams for over twenty five years. We own several patents in the areas of material formulation, product design and assembly. We have over a million pieces of custom molded cushions in service in the spa industry and produced similar quantities for other commercial applications. We use both manual and automated dispensing equipment and use numerous presses and other supporting equipment to partner with businesses and various government branches to fit their project needs.

Our extensive capabilities for molding elastomers and foams include casting, vacuum forming and compression molding methods to produce all manner of cushioning, sealing, and structural products. The applications range from electrical cable connectors to thousand pound boat stabilizer fins. For more information on all of our products, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Elastomer & Foam Compression Product Highlights

Products Deployment Retainers, Torpedo baffles, Industrial Door Stops,  Industrial Cushions, Wheelchair Cushion and Bath & Spa pillows
Industries Served Government, marine, Medical, Office, Safety, Furniture, Exercise Equipment, Tub & Spa, Warehouse & Trucking
Materials Urethane, polyethylene (PE), Closed cell foam, PE/EVA Copolymers