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 MANTEC Safety Bumpers Protect Your Investment!

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Various bumper styles


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Mantec Services Inc. is a longstanding partner with leading lift manufacturers, airlines and aerospace maintenance construction companies designing and manufacturing safety bumpers. Our safety bumpers are tough, top quality and provide protection for both the employee and equipment.

Reduce Ramp Rash!  Mantec Safety Bumpers are manufactured from a self-skinning polyurethane foam which locks out moisture and features excellent UV and abrasion resistance, high tear strength, and resistance to solvents and chemicals such as Skydrol.  Our bumpers are designed to protect rigid parts such as ladder, lift or dolly corners from damaging expensive aircraft and buildings and reducing expensive ramp rash damage. They also add protection to operators, technicians, and ground personnel.

Our bumper material is nonconductive, environmentally safe, without CFC's or VOC's, is manufactured in the U.S.A. without using ozone depleting blowing agents, and meets FMVSS 302, FAR 25.853A and CAL-117 Fire Retardant specifications.  These are excellent solutions for equipment used in harsh weather conditions such as sun, heat, dirt, wind, and rain. Additionally, our bumpers are easy to install and clean!

We manufacture bumpers for standard size industry lifts as well as custom parts, replacement pieces and full kits to fit scissor lifts, ladder corners, dolly cart corners, guard rails, fall arrests, etc. We offer a range of dimensions with square or round inner sizing, elbow corners, end caps, ladder corners and straight rail pieces. 

With a molded density of 15-20 lbs. per cubic foot, our bumpers are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use, as well as high impact applications. Mantec safety bumpers are easy to install, easy to clean and available in various sizes and with custom finishing options.  Our standard color is Safety Yellow.   Custom colors are offered at a 20% upcharge. Note: Due to inherent nature of foam, shrinkage will naturally occur up to to 3% of overall length. For more information on all of our products, see the table below or contact us directly at 206-285-5656.  Click here for product sheet. Click here for current parts and price list.  PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT TODAY! 


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Custom Molded Polyurethane Foam Safety Bumper Cushions Product Highlights

Products Safety Bumper Cushions, Zip Ties

UV Resistance, Puncture Resistance, Easy to Clean, Easy to Install

Chemical Resistant (Skydrol, Solvents)

Meets CAL-117 Fire Retardant Specifications & FMVSS 302 standards
Environmentally friendly: No CFCs, VOC, or ozone depleting blowing agents
High Tear Strength
Excellent Abrasion and Puncture Resistance
Custom built to specifications or standard sizing
Replacement pieces, full kit sizing options
Easy to install and easy to clean
Custom colors available: Safety Yellow (Standard). Other colors offered with upcharge. 
Overall Part Dimensions: Various sizes ranging from 9" to 56" and custom sizes, Round or Square inside design
Material Used Self-Skinning Polyurethane Foam, In Mold Coating
Industries Served Aerospace, Ground Maintenance Systems
Construction, Oil and Gas industry
Marine, Health & Safety, Catering 
And any industry wanting to protect Equipment and Employees

Gallery of Mantec services inc Safety Bumpers

JLG Lift outfitted with Mantec Services Safety Bumpers.
  Aerospace maintenance workers using protected scissor lift outfitted with Mantec Services Bumpers.
Aerospace maintenance workers using protected scissor lift while performing aircraft maintenance
 Mantec Safety Bumpers shown on GS-2646 scissor lift - side view
Safety bumpers shown on scissor lift - side view
  Mantec's Straight Rail Installed on Texas road crew equipment
Safety bumpers shown on scissor lift - bottom view
Mantec's Safety bumpers installed on Lift corners - front view
Safety bumpers fitted to lift corners - front view
  Mantec Safety bumpers installed on lift corners - corner view
Safety bumpers fitted to lift corners - corner view
 Mantec's Corner (Elbow) Bumper available in round or square inside design.
Color Chart

Mantec's Ladder Corner Fits Louisville Ladder Models.          Safety Bumper Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue


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