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Molded Polyurethane Safety Bumper Cushions

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3 Molded Polyurethane Foam Cushions
3 Molded Polyurethane Foam Cushions
  JLG Lift Fitted with Mantec Services Safety Bumpers at Seatac Airport
Custom Molded Polyurethane Foam Safety Bumper Cushions
  Mantec Safety Bumper Cushions: Offering Round or Square Designs
Foam Safety Bumper Cushions
  Mantec Ladder Corner Kit LV4

Mantec Services Inc.,is a provider of molded polyurethane foam. We partner with leading lift manufacturers, airlines and aerospace maintenance companies to design and manufacture safety bumpers. Not all application problems are the same, which is why our engineering staff specializes in designing solutions to help all types of situations ranging from complex equipment coverage to simple overhead bumper rails eliminating head inujuries. 

One common application reaching across many industries is Pinch point coverage.  Pinch points are a one of the top injury areas when working on aerial work platforms, (AWP).  These points exist between the guard rail system and anything solid around the lift basket.  Areas of concern can be near tank shells, stiffeners, wind girders, stairs, guard rails and internal structures.  We were approached by one of leading engineer and construction firms servicing the Oil & Gas industry.  After a few design sessions, Mantec developed a Safety Bumper specifically for Pinch Points that is 5.5" OD x 1.25" ID x 24" Length and is offered with square or round inner dimension shape. Locations nationwide are being outfitted with this bumper, reducing injury rates throughout the country. 

Our Safety Bumpers feature an inmold-coating application that offers UV Resistance  and makes the Bumpers much easier to clean.   For more information on all of our products, see the table below or contact us directly. Click here for product sheet. Click here for current parts and price list. 

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Molded Polyurethane Foam Safety Bumper Cushions Product Highlights

Product Description: Safety Bumper Cushion for High Impact Applications, Pinch Points
Molded Polyurethane Foam Capabilities Applied/Processes
Mixing Materials
Pouring Molds to specification
Demolding Foam
Trimming and Cutting
QA Review
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: DHD42 Urethane Dispensing Decker Machine
Overall Part Dimensions: Various sizes ranging from 9" to 60" and custom sizes
Tightest Tolerances 1/16"
Material Used Self-Skinning Polyurethane Foam
In process testing/inspection performed
Machinist's Scale
Estimated Part Weight Range: .46 to 2.85 lbs.
Industry for Use Aerospace
Construction, Catering, Health & Safety
Marine, Oil and Gas
And any industry wanting to protect Equipment and Employees
Standards Met Customer specifications

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