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Circuit Board Assembly

Custom Circuit Board Assembly

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Custom Circuit Board Assembly
Custom Circuit Board Assembly

The circuit boards shown here are used in advanced weapon systems and they are critical to system operations. This item needed project management prior to assembly, and changes to design required research to identify and source all obsolete components. Assembly consisted of components being mounted using our automated pick and place equipment and placed in a reflow oven to complete the assembly process. This project also consisted of hand soldering through hole components and wave soldering to complete assemblies. All boards received conformal coating and were finished with machine aluminum fixtures and UID tracking labels. Each step of the process was followed by rigorous quality control. For more information on this custom circuit board assembly project contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Custom Circuit Board Assembly Project

Product Description: Circuit Board Assembly
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Loading parts
Surface mounts
Thru hole
Stuff boards
Conformal coat
UID Barcode
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:
Automated Pick & Place machine
Wave solder machine
Hand soldering
Reflow oven
Standards Met Customer specifications, ANSI / J-STD-001
Static Sensitive Device per MIL-STD-1868

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